ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W TECHNICAL M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT M68 Cco Tm Manual Army – p s – scribd TM. CHAPTER I. PRESENTATION. Aimpoint CompM4 Reflex Sight is a rugged precision red dot Sight developed mainly for military and law enforcement. M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT CLOSE COMBAT OPTIC (CCO) (NSN ) (NSN ).

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For Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Thursday, we are continuing our discussion on optics. Make necessary windage and elevation adjustment 4 to the M68 until the red dot is positioned on top of the front sight post.


The M68 Close Combat Optic |

The maintenance codes are entered in the third and fourth positions of the SMR code as follows: To ensure that sight assembly 1 is secure, tighten torque knob 3 until it snaps two times. Look in the repair parts list work packages for the figure and item numbers.

Condemn and dispose at either afloat or ashore 6m8 levels. Remove quick release plate 3. It uses a red aiming reference collimated dot and is designed for the two eyes open method of sighting.

They k68 not perform in extreme cold. Install C-Clamp 5 from inside the M16A2 rifle handle and push it forward over the sight mount. M68 CCO should be placed on rail where the best field of view is achieved. Clean lens WP 00, page with lens paper WP 00, pageItem 3 and dry sight with a cloth as soon as possible after being exposed to mud or snow. To remove an unserviceable item and install a serviceable counterpart in its place Replace is authorized by the MAC and assigned maintenance level is shown as the third position code of the Source, Maintenance and Recoverability SMR code.


When using this column to locate an item, ignore the first four digits of the NSN. It contains all the information required to accomplish the checks and services. Multilayer coating for reflection of red light.

TM – Periscope M37 Documents. If the M68 reflex sight is brought from cold to warm, wipe off condensation after it has warmed up. Replace adjustment screw cap 1 by turning clockwise until snug.

Two alkaline non-lithium batteries can be used. Fm determine and cause rm to be made or to be adjusted on instruments of test, measuring, and diagnostic ttm used in precision measurement. To move point of impact up, turn elevation adjustment screw counterclockwise. Government agencies and their contractors. If missing or damaged, replace ARD. The offset for the M68 at 25 meter zero is 1. Unusual cracking, softening, swelling, or breaking dco these materials may be a corrosion problem.

Using the flats of two fingers, press against the front of ARD 2 and rotate counterclockwise until the ARD is removed. Remove switch knob 2 from shaft 3. When uneconomically reparable, condemn and dispose fco the item at the below depot sustainment level. Skip to toolbar About WordPress. Close front and rear lens covers 2 and turn switch knob 1 counterclockwise to OFF position when the sight is not being used. Install switch knob 2 by turning the shaft 3 counterclockwise until it stops.



The first is unauthorized intentional modification to the sights battery housing assembly by bending the prongs on the 6-pronged clip. Condemnation and disposal of item are not authorized below depot level.

For night vision operations, close front lens cover before turning switch knob to positions 1 thru 4 Comp M2 or positions 1 thru 7 Comp M4. The responsibility of a using organization to perform maintenance on its assigned equipment.

Overhaul does not normally return an item to like new condition. Ensure that rubber seal is properly seated. Insert a jewelers screwdriver into battery cap 1 or double battery holder and gently pry out rubber seal 3.

Army Publishing Directorate

Parallax is the apparent shift of an object. You must be logged in to post a comment. Adjustment is centered at the factory. The complete kit must be requisitioned and applied.

If zeroing is accurate, fire three more shots to confirm. Gather the center of a sheet of lens paper WP 00, pageItem 2and use the edges to brush dust off lens.

TM 9-1240-413-13&P S60288

The rebuild operation includes the act of returning to zero those age measurements e. Below Depot Sustainment maintenance can remove, replace, and use the item. Remove front and rear lens covers 1 from sight 3. This column provides the other information gm need to identify the item. Open rear lens cover 1. Sight cannot be installed on mount.