Free Essay: The story under consideration entitled Mabel was written by William Somerset Maugham. William Somerset Maugham is one of the. Mabel has 6 ratings and 0 reviews: Mabel. by. W. Somerset Maugham To ask other readers questions about Mabel, please sign up. Be the first to ask a. Daphne Mabel Maugham or Daphne Maugham-Casorati (–) was a British painter, Finally, and not least, Charles Maugham was the brother of both the famous exiled British writer, W. Somerset Maugham and Frederic Maugham, .

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Refresh and try again. Though as mentioned previously Mabel appears to be a determined woman who when focused on something ensures that she succeeds. The time slows down maigham him again. The Sitting Bee, 28 Oct. The story is based on unusual plot structure technique. It is this fear of what Mabel might look like that originally drives George away from her and half way across Asia. The denouement is extremely short in the story, but it fully reveals the ending of the story.

Daphne was born in either LondonEngland or perhaps at the British embassy in Paris, and registered in London, Her father Charles Maugham, born to a family of lawyers, was a barrister who had moved to Paris. She does after all show a large degree of devotion and dedication to George by following him around Asia. She arranges everything to find and marry George. There is also a sense that there is no escape for George when he is eventually tracked down by Mabel. Which may be the point that Maugham is attempting to make.


If anything Mabel may be the stronger of the two characters and may not be as affected as George is by the long absence between them.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. William Somerset Maugham is one of the best known English writers of the 20th century. Life may have been easier for Mabel if she had stayed in England and not moved to Asia to marry George. And the inner conflict, which George obtained is called obligation against desire.

Which some critics might suggest is not the best of foundations for a happy marriage. With marriage comes change and George may not necessarily be ready to change his life. George and Mabelare engaged and gonna get married in 6 months, but some unexpected event push back the day of the wedding.

Mabel, a short story by William Somerset Maugham

Though George can be criticized for his decision or apprehensions that Mabel may not look like the same woman that he first met. People have different opinions about happiness but still they should have some aim to gain. The main character is the narrator but we doesn’t know his name we only know that he’s a somesret.

A Rose for Emily. In Singapore, George discovers that Mabel followed him and runs away again, but in each town, he has a telegraph of Mabel and he’s very afraid. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The author recalls the story of a man whose name was George whom he once met on his way to Mandalay. Nothing stops Mabel from locating or finding where George is. Which may suggest that Mabel is the more resilient of the two characters or the more practical.


The subject-matter in the story is the following: And again the tempo is increasing. Want to Read saving…. Despite her long journey she is determined that the marriage will go ahead as soon as she has had a bath.

Short Story Analysis: Mabel by W. Somerset Maugham – The Sitting Bee

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mabel too is open to criticism. Thanks for telling us about the problem. After this, she graduated in from magham Slade School of Art in London. Over the next decade she would participate in numerous exhibitions, including at the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, maugbam the Quadriennali di Roma, and at the Biennale of Venice starting in The outer story is incomplete because it lacks the denouement.

You can get this essay on your email Topic: To ask other readers questions about Mabelplease sign up. We’ll occasionally send you account related and maughamm emails. Regardless of this it is also clear to the reader that George and Mabel are very much in love. George is afraid because he doesn’t see Mabel since 7 years ago, so he decides somersett reun away. Guillermo Zunino marked it as to-read Oct 18, The theme in the story is the following: Eight years have passed after their marriage with Mabel.

Her sister Cynthia was a dancer traveling with Alexander Sakharoff.